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About us



From now on we will continue to auction under the name Auction2Day.nl!

The old website needed to be replaced and we worked a long time to ensure that we were once again at the forefront of all new auction techniques.

  • Auction2Day has become a super user-friendly platform where you can bid directly on the various lots without many intermediate steps.
  • Everything is now clearly arranged in the Dashboard.
  • If you are logged in, you can follow Lots, your personal page, and see all lots you have bid on and which you are interested in. This makes it clear and very easy to follow!
  • New weekly auctions of Returns from various partners at rock bottom prices, because throwing them away is a shame!
  • Bankruptcy auctions always on behalf of the Bankruptcy Trustees with unique opportunities for beautiful products

Have fun bidding!!!

Team Bouland Auctions and Auction2Day.nl

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