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  1. Register

You can always view the auctions without having to be registered, but to bid you must Register here first. First your email address and a password are requested. Your email address will be used to send you an activation link to activate your account. As soon as you click on this link in the email received, your account is activated and you can log in. We will then check your registration. You will receive an email as soon as we have approved your registration. From that moment on you can also place a bid, track lots, etc.


  1. Information per lot

You will find all information per lot such as:

  • Title and description
  • Lot number: the number of the lot
  • Category: the category to which the lot belongs
  • One or more images of the product to be auctioned
  • Additional matters such as dimensions, certificate of origin, etc.


  1. Navigate and search

You can navigate in three ways.

  1. You can select an auction from the home page. Then you will get an overview of all lots within that auction. This is the best option if the lots are going to end one by one towards the end of the auction.
  2. You can select a category from the menu. Then you will get an overview of all lots within that auction.
  3. You can search via the search bar at the top. If you enter, an overview will be displayed with all lots where the relevant search term occurs in the lot title and / or lot description.

In the overview with lots you can apply filters on the left to make the overview smaller or to narrow the search results. You can also click on a lot in the overview. Then more information about the lot will follow in a lot detail page.


  1. Track lot

You can track lots by clicking on the star that appears when you move the mouse over the lot, or in the top right corner if you have clicked on a lot. You can find an overview of all lots you are following under My account > Favorite lots. There are also automatically all lots on which you have bid.


  1. Bidding

You can bid if you are in an overview of lots, but also if you click through to the detail page of a lot. In the detail page you will find the following information about bidding on the right:

  • Opening bid: this is also the withdrawal price
  • Current bid: latest highest bid
  • Number of bids: the number of times that have been bids
  • Remaining time: the time until the moment the lot closes. After that, no more can be bids. If someone bids within 3 minutes of closing, the remaining time will be extended. The lot always closes 3 minutes after the last bid.
  • The bid step: the minimum bid that you must make above the current bid
  • Bid: the standard way to place a bid. You will first get another pop-up, after which you have to confirm.
  • Proxy bid: You indicate what would be your maximum bid you want to put and then the system automatically bids for you on the basis of the prescribed (minimum) bidding steps, until the maximum amount is reached.


  1. Your account

You can always change your password, email address and address details by going to My account > Settings. In the navigation bar on the right you will find the following menu:

  • My details
  • Change email address
  • Change Password
  • Newsletter
  • Language settings
  • Contact
  • Notes (here you can make your own notes)


  1. Costs

In addition to the amount you offer, you also pay auction costs and VAT on the goods you purchased. The percentage of auction costs is 16% premium. The type of goods that are offered determines the VAT percentage. In this case, this percentage is 21%.


  1. General terms and conditions

You can find the various conditions in the footnote at the bottom of the website. You can also click here.

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